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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Functional Text

What is Functional Text?

       FUNCTIONAL TEXT is writing meant to help the reader accomplish an everyday task. Examples of functional text might include a recipe for cooking; directions to a location; a memo notifying of a change in a company's address, or a store's opening time; a schedule of event times and locations during a seminar; a directory of addresses, phone numbers or e-mail addresses; directions on a test; a menu from a restaurant; a pamphlet notifying the public of a grand opening, store closing, or a foreclosure; or a how-to manual just to name a few.
       Functional text is used for everyday information. It is called functional because it helps you function in your day-to-day life. For example, if I wanted to make chocolate chip cookies, I would read a recipe. If I wanted to know my friend's phone number, I would look in a phone book. If my English teacher gave a test, I would need to read the directions.

Some examples of functional texts are :

A.    Announcements
B.     Advertisements
C.     Greeting cards
D.    Short messages
E.     Notices
F.      Cautions
G.    Invitation cards
H.    Postcards
I.       Shopping lists
J.       Food labels

A.    Announcement
1.      Announcement is an important or official statement that informs people about something.
2.      Examples of announcements:
a.       School announcements

There will be a flag ceremony next Monday. All students must wear white uniforms. Do not be late.


To           : All grade IX Students
From     : Headmaster

Please choose one of the activities : swimming, painting or singing. Report to your class teacher or class captain the activity you choose.

b.      A Wedding Announcement

Mr Lowrence James Fox
Miss Eleanor Rebecca Smith
Announce their marriage on Saturday, the sixth of November two thousand and ten
Chesterfield, Derbyshire
c.       Outdoor Program Announcement

Weekend Outbound
Let’s have weekend outbound!

If you’re the nature lovers, please join us on our program. It will be held on Sunday, 26 September 2010 in Puncak Campsite. The opening ceremony will be held at 7 a.m. If you are interested, please come and join us.
Contact us and register your group of four. Wear your blue jeans and white T-shirt. Don’t forget to bring necessary equipments, foods and drinks are provided by the committee.

The chairman,
Seconda Althaf
Contact Person: Firsta Ahnaf (085814143801)
Jl. Kintamani 75, Bekasi.


B.     Advertisement
1.      Advertisement is a picture and/or set of words used to persuade people to buy a product or use of service, or that gives information about a job that is available.

2.      Examples of advertisements.

Grand Opening
Special offer

Happy-Happy Mall
All items
 50% off
Start from 28th November until “8th December 2010

  • Male max 35 years old
  • S1 in English Education program
  • 3 to 5 years working experience
Send your application
not later than October 31st, 2010 to :
SMAN 101 Bekasi, Jalan Bekasi Raya No. 12

C.    Greeting Cards
1.      A greeting card is a card, with a picture in front and a message inside, that you send to someone on their birthday or on a special occasion/holiday.

2.      An example of a greeting card:
Happy Birthday

  may your wish come true


D.    Short messages
1.      A short message is a written piece of information that you send/leave to another person.

2.      Examples of short messages

Hey Tina. I don’t think I can meet you tonight because I have to pick up my grandma at the airport. (Tony)
Dear Vera,

Meet me in the library after school. I have something to show you. please be there.


E.     Notices
1.      A notice is a sign or printed statement that gives information or a warning to people.

2.      Examples of notices:
Please switch off the light when you don’t use it.

F.     Cautions
1.      A caution is a warning or piece of advice telling you to be careful.

2.      Examples of cautions:
G.    Invitation cards
1.      An invitation card is used to invite someone to attend the event like birthday party, wedding ceremony, informal dinner, etc.

2.      An invitation card should give information about:
·         The name of the event
·         When the event will be held
·         Where the event will take place
·         Additional information (e.g., dress code, RSVP)

3.      Examples of invitation cards:

You and Your partner are invited to attend Jessica’s 14 Birthday in Hilton hotel.

20 December 2010 at 7:00 p.m.

Mr. and Mrs. Tailor Lopes request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter

Jessica Spears
Steven Martin

On Sunday, the twenty-first of November 2010
At 10 a.m

Plaza Juanda
021 Juanda Street, Bekasi


4.      Some common expressions used in an invitation cards are:
·         You are invited to …..
·         ….. cordially invites you to …..
·         Come and share our wedding.

H.    Postcards
1.      A postcard is a card that can be sent in the post without an envelope, especially with a picture on it. It is used for sending a short message.
2.      The message in a postcard usually consists of several parts:
a.      Opening (greeting/salutation)
b.      Body (the message)
c.       Pre-closing (it may be the conclusion of the message)
d.      Closing (the writer’s regard and signature)

3.      An example of postcard:
Dear Maria,

Yesterday, Uncle Tumijo took me and my cousins to the beach. It’s called Parangtritis Beach and we had eh most thrilling view. Its large wave was really awesome. Unfortunately, we could not swim in this beach. There were so many deep hollows along the beach. People can easily be drowned. We played beach volleyball in the afternoon. Then, we took a traditional cart called andong and enjoyed the sunset.
It was fun!



Maria Kirk
202 Witherspoon Rd
Millstone, New York
I.       Shopping lists
1.      A shopping list is a list that you make of all the things you want to buy when you go shopping.
2.      An example of a shopping list:
·         Some celery
·         1 ounce garlic
·         1 ounce onion
·         1 kg chicken
·         ¼ kg carrot
·         ¼ kg tomato
·         1 pack salt

J.      Food label
1.      A food label can be found on the back of most food products. This label gives information about the products, and can be useful if one is trying to eat healthy or one needs to avoid anything one is allergic to.

2.      An example of food label:

               SILVER QUEEN

Serving per package: Avg.2 / serving size: 30g
Ingredients: Sugar, Cashew, Milk Solids, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa butter, Vegetable at, Emulsifier (322: Soy), Salt, Flavor.

Average quantity
Per serving
Average quantity
Per 100g
At total


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